An Architect who wishes to resign from the practice of architecture in the Northwest Territories must submit a written request to the Registrar.  In order for the request to be considered by Council, the individual:

  1. must not have any outstanding dues owed to the NWTAA,
  2. must be in compliance as of the end of the most recent Continuing Education cycle, and
  3. must otherwise be in good standing with the NWTAA with no active complaints or matters under review.

A written request must outline that the Architect:

  1. has kept their registration for a minimum of one year following the Substantial Completion of all NWT projects,
  2. does not have any active clients or open projects to which they are personally responsible,
  3. [for a firm permit holder] has transferred their responsibilities as "professional representative" to another authorized practitioner,
  4. [for a retiring sole practitioner or a permit holder of a closing firm] has arranged for the safe archive of all closed project and client files, in accordance with applicable legal and insurance obligations,
  5. will no longer practice in the Northwest Territories, and
  6. has returned their stamp and certificate to NWTAA, and all physical/digital impressions of their stamp have been destroyed/deleted.

[NOTE: For easier shipping, stamp handles may be broken and certificates may be folded.]

Once resigned, the individual may no longer:

  • use the title “Architect NWTAA” or any derivative of that title,
  • advertise themselves as an Architect or offer to provide architectural services,
  • carry on the practice of architecture in the NWT, or
  • vote at NWTAA meetings.


Architects who remain active in another Canadian jurisdiction, and who are therefore eligible for registration through Canadian reciprocity, may re-apply for registration at any time.

Architects who are not eligible for registration under Canadian reciprocity may be eligible for reinstatement up to 5 years (less a day) from the date of their resignation.  Bylaw 127 oulines the reinstatement process for these individuals.

After five years of inactivity, individuals must fulfill the requirements of a new application for registration as an Architect.

Retired Membership

A "Retired Architect" associate membership is available for professionals wishing to remain connected with the Association.  There is no application form; members may simply send a written request for admission as a Retired Architect. 

Please note that membership in this category does not impact the reinstatement process or otherwise authorize the individual to advertise themselves as an architect or provide architectural services.  Only former authorized practitioners are eligible for registration in this membership category.