The Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) was developed to test the minimum standards of competency acquired by an Intern during the Internship period, to ensure both public safety and the professional and skilled delivery of architectural services.

The ExAC is administered once each year, simultaneously across Canada, in each province/territory listed on the ExAC Registration Form. The ExAC may be offered in multiple locations in some provinces, subject to each Licensing Authority’s specific requirements.

Interns must have 2800 hours of experience recorded in the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) and submitted for approval to one of the provincial/territorial associations in Canada.The Intern must register for the ExAC in the jurisdiction in which he/she is an Intern but may write the ExAC in any location in Canada where a Licensing Authority offers the examination.

The ExAC is a paper and pencil examination and is delivered in four half-day sessions over a period of two consecutive days. Interns are given three consecutive attempts to achieve to pass all four sections of the ExAC. The dates and costs for the sections are set out on the ExAC website.