[Last updated April 9, 2021]

On March 18, 2020, a public health emergency was announced by the Government of the Northwest Territories in response to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.  This may impact the practices of architects and firms, as well as related contractors. 

As of April 9, 2021, NWT officially remains in Phase 2 of its Emerging Wisely recovery plan. There are three phases before a full lifting of all public health measures.  "Final measures lifted" (aka "Phase 4") required a vaccination in production and use; however, while more than half of NWT has now received the Moderna vaccine, there remains uncertainty about its effectiveness against variants.  For example, variant B117 (the "UK" variant), which has been detected in NWT, is "considered easier to pass from person to person and capable of causing more severe infection in adults" [Cabin Radio]. The Chief Public Health Officer has promised a review and update on the Emerging Wisely plan by the end of the month.

To date, the practice of architecture has not been restricted by a public health order; however, professionals are still required to comply with physical distancing measures and public gathering restrictions.

For more information and updates about the public health emergency, visit the GNWT Health and Social Services Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) site.

NWTAA Updates

  • Mandatory Continuing Education - There are currently no exceptions or extensions planned for the current 2-year reporting period ending June 30, 2022.  Carry-over maximums were lifted from the previous period.  Members reporting to NWTAA will soon see these carry-over amounts in as part of their transcripts.  [NOTE: Members reporting elsewhere should refer to the jurisdiction to which they report for updates.]
  • ExAC 2021 is anticipated to resume as normal in November 2021, with registration likely opening on June 1.  The ExAC website (exac.ca) will be updated as information is confirmed.

Territorial Updates

  • Plan Reviews (Office of the Fire Marshal) are available as a limited/altered service.
  • Procurements and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) through GNWT Infrastructure will only be accepted online until further notice.  Electrical and mechanical inspections will continue, but in-person permits will not be issued.
  • Yellowknife's City Hall has reopened.

National Updates