2020/2021 Council

President Melani Korver
Vice-President Christopher Oland
Secretary Vince Barter
Treasurer Doug Townson
Councillor Tim Turner-Davis
Registrar Celeste MacKay
Minister's Appointee Cheryl Fennell
Intern Architect Representative Wessam Bou-Saleh
Past President vacant

Council meets the second Tuesday of every month.  Members wishing to include items on the agenda should forward them to the NWTAA office at least one week prior to each meeting.

Committee Chairs

Registration & Licence Review Celeste MacKay
Complaints Review Tim Turner-Davis
Practice Review as required
Continuing Education Christopher Oland
2020 Awards (ad hoc) Celeste MacKay
2020 Bylaw Review (ad hoc) Tim Turner-Davis

Election to Council

Each year, the Association is required to elect a President, serving a 1-year term, and two Councillors, each serving a 2-year term.  An election must be called 45 days before an Annual General Meeting, which is typically held in the first week of April. Calls for nominations begin around mid-January and nominations are accepted no later than the required start of an election in mid-February.  If the number of nominations is not greater than the number of available seats on Council, the nominees are acclaimed and an election is not called.

Roles of Council

Elected Members & Officers

The President is elected by members and subsequently designates a Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer from among the elected Councillors.


The Registrar is appointed by Council for multi-year terms to manage memberships & registrations and other Association processes on behalf of Council, as well as to act as a "corporate knowledge" resource and provide advice to Council as needed.  The Registrar, often accompanied by the President, represents NWTAA in national and international matters.

Minister's Appointee

The Minister's Appointee is a member of the public who is not a stakeholder of the profession or Association, also known as a layperson or public representative. Appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure for multi-year terms, the Appointee actively participates at all Council meetings and plays a vital role in ensuring that the business of Council and the Association remains in the public interest and within the parameters and mandate set by the Architects Act.

Intern Architect Representative

Council appoints an Intern Architect for a one-year term to represent all Intern Architects at all Council meetings.  This representative is entitled to vote on Council matters in the interest of graduates who are completing their internships and preparing for their professional examinations.