Eligible architects may apply via one of the following modes:

  • First-Time Applicant - A person who has successfully completed a Canadian internship program (or similar qualifier) and who has not yet attained a practicing licence in any Canadian jurisdiction.
  • Reciprocal Applicant - An architect who is currently licensed, in good standing, in at least one Canadian jurisdiction.
  • Internationally Recognized Applicant - An architect from a country/jurisdiction into which a mutual recognition agreement has been entered with Canada. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and select jurisdictions/states within the US.
  • Foreign-Trained Applicant - An architect who has been trained and has been practicing architecture outside of Canada, and has been certified through the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect (BEFA) program.


All Architect applicants must submit the following:

  1. Application for Registration as an Architect
  2. Complaint Declaration
  3. Payment of Application & Registration Fees: Once the application is approved by Council, the applicant  will be sent an invoice by the Executive Director and the applicant can pay for both the Application and Registration fees at the same time. The one-time Application Fees are $300 per applicant. Annual Registration fees are $1200 but fees are prorated to the month of the applicant's registration. For example, if an intern registers to be an Architect in August, their registration fees will be ($1200/12)*5= $500. So in this particular instance, the intern must pay $300 (Application fees) plus $500 (Registration fees) for a total of $800. Fees can be paid either by  cheque written out to the 'Northwest Territories Association of Architects' or by Etransfer sent to [email protected] or by credit card. If the intern chooses to pay by visa or MasterCard, they can provide their information by phone or by e-mail. American Express is not accepted.

NOTE: If an architect is transferring from another jurisdiction, to practice in the Northwest Territories/Yukon, they must also be affiliated with a firm that has a permit to operate in these jurisdictions. Please see the section on Firm Permits.

First-time Architect applicants must also submit the following:

  1. Copy of CACB Certificate / BEFA certification
  2. Copies of all degrees & equivalent certificates noted in teh application
  3. Copy of current resume/curriculum vitae

Canadian Architect applicants (via ROAC reciprocity) and
American Architect applicants (via ROAC/NCARB reciprocity) must also submit the following:

  1. Confirmation of Licence/Registration from your home jurisdiction
    - the applicant must request this from their home jurisdiction, who then sends it directly to NWTAA

International Architect applications (via BEFA program) must also submit the following:

  1. Copy of CACB Certificate (BEFA certification)
  2. Copies of all degrees & equivalent certificates noted in teh application
  3. Copy of current resume/curriculum vitae
  4. Proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or valid work visa


All registered Architects have one (1) year from their date of registration to complete a reading requirement and submit a declaration to that effect:

All registered Architects must also fulfill Mandatory Continuing Education requirements, but ROAC-applicants may continue to report to their home jurisdiction by completing a ConEd reporting declaration:

Membership Renewal

Memberships are up for renewal on Jan 1 of each year. An invoice will be sent out to architects at the end of December. Failure to pay renewal fees on time will result in late fees barring exceptional circumstances.

Resignation & Reinstatement

For for more information about the resignation and reinstatement process, see Resignation as an Architect.

Intern Architects

The Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) has been developed by ROAC to facilitate the transition from graduate students of architecture to fully-licenced practicing architects. For more information, and to register as an Intern Architect, see Internship in Architecture Program.

Associate Members

An individual may apply as an Associate Member if they hold a degree in architecture or interior design or its equivalent from a recognized post-secondary school.


An individual may apply as a Student Associate Member if they are engaged in a course of study in the practice of architecture at a recorgnized post-secondary school, or have successfully completed all courses in Program Part 1 (Level 5) of the RAIC Syllabus Program or equivalent, and is about to commence or has commenced the practical training referred to in the Education and Training Regulation.  For more information on student memberships, contact the NWTAA office.