Projects Requiring an Architect


All new or renovated buildings over 600 m2, or over three stories in height, and some others, require an NWTAA registered Architect to design them.

Two NWTAA Practice Bulletins review and clarify aspects of the Northwest Territories Architects Act:

We request your collaboration with us in protecting the public interest through the application of the Architects Act.

Obligations & Responsibilities

The Architectural Associations across Canada require Architects to be knowledgeable with the Act, the Bylaws and the Code of Ethics in all provinces/territories in which they are registered. In addition, Architects are required to complete mandatory professional development requirements.

Discipline & Enforcement

The Northwest Territories Association of Architects (NWTAA) is governed by the Architects Act, which was called into force in by the NWT Legislative Assembly in 2001. The Architects Act charges the NWTAA with the regulation of the profession of Architecture in the NWT to safeguard the public from professional misconduct, gross negligence, incompetence or misrepresentation.

The Association has discipline and enforcement procedures in place.