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NAMEPeter Bull
STATUSRegistered Architect
CONTACT (780) 428-4000
1285 West Pender Street, Suite 700
Vancouver, BC     V6E 4B1
(604) 683-8797
(604) 683-0492 FAX

All Current Members

NameLocationMembership Type
Adam, Daniel A.Yellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Armstrong, JoshIqaluit, NUARCHITECT
Badescu, CristinaYellowknife, NTINTERN
Barter, VinceYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Berg, JohnWhitehorse, YTARCHITECT
Blaser, PaulSaskatoon, SKARCHITECT
Bock, ChrisYellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Boettger, EricYellowknife, NTRETIRED
Borg, J. WarrenIqaluit, NUINTERN
Brus, Wojciech M.North Vancouver, BCARCHITECT
Bull, PeterEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Burdett-Moulton, Harriet E.Iqaluit, NUARCHITECT
Burgess, Jaclyn R.Whitehorse, YTARCHITECT
Cameron, CaelinOkotoks, ABINTERN
Carscadden, BruceVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Chevalier, Christopher E.Whitehorse, YTARCHITECT
Chmielewski, AdamMontreal, QCARCHITECT
Chorny, BobOrillia, ONARCHITECT
Chow, JohnToronto, ONARCHITECT
Clarke, ChristopherYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Coupland, David R.Calgary, ABARCHITECT
Cumming, StephenYellowknife, NTRETIRED
Curren, PaulYellowknife, NTRETIRED
Davidson, DonaldCalgary, ABARCHITECT
Denley, Rebecca L.Yellowknife, NTINTERN
Dobrev, Sofia G.Iqaluit, NUARCHITECT
Drouin, Gene W.Yellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Duhoux, MartenWinnipeg, MBARCHITECT
Eic, KseniaYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Faegre, AronLake Oswego, ORARCHITECT
Fancott, StephenYellowknife, NTRETIRED
Fane, Kate M.Yellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Feldman, MarkMarkham, ONARCHITECT
Fleischer, RussellToronto , ONARCHITECT
Fuller, Kimberley J.Yellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Galasinao, Ceazar N.Yellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Guy, WayneYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Halliwell, DarrellEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Hamilton, DavidEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Holmes, LaurenWhitehorse, YTINTERN
Jacobs, RandyYellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Jaud, JerryYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Johnson, TomYellowknife, NTRESTRICTED
Johnstone, StuartEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Kasian, DonVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Kienholz, PhilipHay River, NTRETIRED
Kindrachuk, Derek E.Saskatoon, SKARCHITECT
Kirkwood, RodYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Knapp, BruceVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Kobayashi, JackWhitehorse, YTARCHITECT
Korver, Daniel J.Yellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Lovick, Peter J.New Westminster, BCARCHITECT
MacKay, CelesteYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Magnusson, Diane K.Yellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Manasc, VivianEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
McAlister, DanToronto, ONARCHITECT
McIntyre, Eric D.North Vancouver, BCARCHITECT
McNaughton, Catherine L.Yellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Montgomery, DeborahYellowknife, NTINTERN
Nadji, KayhanYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Nankivell, BillToronto, ONARCHITECT
Nejmark, JosefWinnipeg, MBARCHITECT
North, D. BrentNorth Vancouver, BCARCHITECT
Nyman, LindToronto, ONARCHITECT
O'Neill, Daniel J.Iqaluit, NUARCHITECT
Oland, Christopher A.Yellowknife, NTINTERN
Owen, TrevorKamloops, BCARCHITECT
Park, Chong M.London, ONHONORARY
Pierzchajlo, JanEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Pigat, MelaniYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Raber, BruceVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Rutledge, William C.Edmonton, ABARCHITECT
Schilf, Roger W.W.Edmonton, ABARCHITECT
Schlagintweit, KrisYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Slighte, Pat D.Yellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Smith, StanisEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Smith, Joanne N.Calgary, ABARCHITECT
Sparrow, MartinCalgary, ABARCHITECT
Stratford, GordonToronto, ONARCHITECT
Streith, PeterSpruce Grove, ABARCHITECT
Taylor, SimonYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Thom, DavidVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Townson, DouglasYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Tsetsos, ConstantinaYellowknife, NTGRADUATE
Turner-Davis, TimWhitehorse, YTARCHITECT
Van Dyke, CorneliusYellowknife, NTASSOCIATE
Vikse, DarrellYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
Wan, RaymondWinnipeg, MBARCHITECT
Ward, BarryYellowknife, NTARCHITECT
White, MelissaIqaluit, NUASSOCIATE
Williams, AnthonyCalgary, ABARCHITECT
Wong, DavidEdmonton, ABARCHITECT
Wyness, William E.Yellowknife, NTRETIRED
Young, RickVancouver, BCARCHITECT
Zajdler, Artur, ABHONORARY
Zedda, TonyWhitehorse, YTARCHITECT

All Current Permitted Firms

David Nairne + Associates Ltd.
Guy Architects
IBI Group
Kobayashi + Zedda
Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.
Neoteric Architecture Inc.
Owen & Hunter Architects
PSAV Architects Ltd.
Rockliff Pierzchajlo Architects and Planners Ltd.
Taylor Architecture Group


The Northwest Territories Association of Architects is the self governing body for architects working in the Northwest Territories. Its authority comes from Northwest Territories (NWT) Architects Act. The Association recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of personal information it obtains in carrying out its regulatory functions.