New construction or renovation/addition projects for buildings that are over 600 square meters or over three storeys high, as well as some other projects, require an NWTAA-registered Architect for the project's design.

There are currently two Practice Bulletins that review and clarify aspects of the Architects Act:

Obligations & Responsibilities

The Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA), which includes NWTAA, requires Architects to be knowledgeable with the Act, the Bylaws and the Code of Ethics in the provinces and territories in which they are registered. Architects must also comply with Mandatory Continuing Education (professional development) requirements.

Discipline & Enforcement

The Northwest Territories Association of Architects (NWTAA) is the professional self-regulator of architects.  The Architects Act, enacted in 2001, charges the NWTAA to safeguard the public from professional misconduct, gross negligence, incompetence or misrepresentation.  This includes establishing professional competency standards and policing the conduct of professionals.