Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects


Architects who have been educated/trained outside of Canada and are wishing to become licensed in the NWT may do so t hrough the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects (BEFA) Program, curated by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

The BEFA Program assesses work experiences and competencies against pan-Canadian standards of competency for practice in Canada. The three-step process involves a review of eligibility, completion of an on-line assessment, and interview.  Successful applicants receive a certificate recognized by all Canadian architectural licensing authorities.

Eligible BEFA Program applicants must have:

  • completed an architecture education/degree,
  • practiced as a registered/licensed architect in a foreign jurisdiction,
  • seven years experience of post-registration licensure experience in architecture, and
  • obtained six months of relevant Canadian architectural work experience

For more information on the BEFA Program, visit the CACB website.