As of March 18, a public health emergency was announced by the Government of the Northwest Territories in response to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.  This may impact the practices of architects and firms, as well as related contractors.  This page summarizes NWTAA's understanding of that impact, including relevant news and updates.

NOTE: Access to the NWTAA office is by appointment only.  Operations will otherwise continue as normal.

Public Health

  • Mar 18 - A Public Health Emergency was declared in the Northwest Territories.
  • Apr 10 - The Chief Public Health Officer issued two new public health orders, one of which bans all indoor gatherings, restricts outdoor gatherings, and orders the closure of certain businesses. The practice of architecture has not been restricted by a public health order; however, professionals are still required to comply with physical distancing measures and public gathering restrictions.
  • May 12 - GNWT released its Emerging Wisely recovery plan for residents and businesses, and the CPHO advised that NWT may shift from "Confinement" to "Phase 1" as early as May 15.
  • May 15 - NWT moved to "Phase 1" of its Emerging Wisely plan.
  • Jun 12 - NWT moved to "Phase 2" of its Emerging Wisely plan.

For more information and updates about the public health emergency, visit the GNWT Health and Social Services Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) site.

NWTAA Updates

  • Mandatory Continuing Education - The current 2-year reporting period has been extended to December 31, 2020 (originally June 30, 2020).  The next reporting period will end on June 30, 2022.  Limits on carrying over eligible structured and unstructured hours into the next reporting period have been lifted.  There is no change to the minimum required hours for each period.  [NOTE: This extension applies only to members reporting to NWTAA.  Members reporting elsewhere must comply with the jurisdiction to which they report.]
  • ExAC 2020 remains scheduled for November 2-3.  Registration will open on June 1, and extensions for registration and experience hour submissions have been provided. For full details, visit the ExAC website (

Territorial Updates

  • Plan Reviews (Office of the Fire Marshal) are available as a limited/altered service.
  • Procurements and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) through GNWT Infrastructure will only be accepted online until further notice.  Electrical and mechanical inspections will continue, but in-person permits will not be issued.
  • Yellowknife's City Hall is reopened with limited services - many departments are still operating remotely.
  • The Hay River Town Hall has reduced its public access hours to 12pm - 2pm on weekdays..
  • The Business Development & Investment Corporation (BDIC) is granting deferred loan payments for existing clients and the Government of the NWT, through BDIC, is offering low interest loans for NWT businesses as part of its pandemic relief strategy.
  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) has established a Northern Business Relief Fund (NBRF) for small- to mid-size territorial businesses.
  • Mar 31 - The NWT & Nunavut Construction Association (NNCA) responded to Covid exemptions for GNWT Capital Projects.
  • Jun 12 - Minister Nokleby announced a new "Business Advisory Council" which will advise her office of the needs of NWT businesses and industries throughout and following the pandemic.

National Updates