In response to concerns around the Covid-19 pandemic, the current 2-year Mandatory ConEd reporting period has been extended to December 31, 2020.  This extension applies only to members reporting to NWTAA.  Members reporting elsewhere must comply with the jurisdiction to which they report.

The Mandatory Continuing Education program was developed in response to the profession’s recognition of its own needs, as well as the public’s growing need for assurance that licensed professionals, with exclusive statutory rights to practice, remain current with contemporary technology, business practices, methods and materials of their profession. Each member accepts the obligation and the need to further their education as an architect in order to maintain active registration status.

The Mandatory Continuing Education Professional Development Requirements, including periodic updates, describe the protocols for the earning, recording and administration of ongoing education required by every registered architect in the NWT. The requirement for all members of the NWTAA to participate in and comply with the Continuing Education Learning was adopted as NWTAA General By-Laws Part 17. The Continuing Education Learning is approved by Council and is developed by the NWTAA Continuing Education Committee. It is implemented and operated by NWTAA management and staff.

For more information, see Practice Bulletin #3 - Mandatory Continuing Education Requirements

Designated Reporting Jurisdictions

NWTAA will grant equivalency to members who have designated another Canadian jurisdiction for primary reporting of Continuing Education, regardless of the requirements of that jurisdiction. At the end of each reporting period, NWTAA will contact the relevant jurisdiction directly for verification of the member’s compliance with the requirements of that jurisdiction.

Non-compliance in another jurisdiction will automatically transfer as non-compliance with the NWTAA, and consequences for non-compliance will apply.

Reporting Continuing Education Hours

Members designating the NWTAA as their primary reporting jurisdiction must record their Structured Learning and Unstructured Learning Hours on the Architecture Canada (RAIC) Transcript Database.  For assistance with username and password issues, contact the NWTAA office.


From time to time, NWTAA organizes and delivers continuing education activities that are centrally located in Yellowknife, NT.

Members are encouraged to bring forward ideas for the professional development of the program.