The 20th Annual General Meeting of the Northwest Territories Association of Architects will be held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Agenda and materials to follow shortly. [2021-01-22]

Election to Council

Nominations are now accepted for the Election to Council beginning on February 21.  A President (one-year term) and two Councillors (two-year terms) are required to be elected or appointed from among resident architects in good standing.  Any architect in good standing may nominate an eligible (resident) architect.  To make a nomination, please submit a completed Nomination Form to the NWTAA office by end-of-day February 20.

The Election will close 5 days before the AGM, with results announced at the AGM.  If the number of nominations do not exceed the number of available seats, candidates are acclaimed and/or Council must appoint from among eligible architects.

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