"Subarctic Architecture" Public Event

OCT 10, 2017

NWTAA is pleased to host this exciting public presentation:

Subarctic Architecture: A symposium on modern cold climate design
Thursday, October 26, 2017 – 7:00pm
The Black Knight Pub, 2nd Floor (Yellowknife, NT)
Admission: Free (donations accepted)

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Presentations by a selection of expert architects, engineers, builders and professionals.  Their talks will explore how building design in our extreme northern climate has had to adapt, and how to make the built environment here meaningful and functional.  They will expose what works and what doesn’t.

Speakers include Simon Taylor (Taylor Architecture Group), Wayne Guy (Guy Architects), Warren Mcleod (Stantec), Kayhan Nadji (Nadji Architects), Brian George (Williams Engineering), Randy Jacobs (GNWT Infrastructure), Wade Carpenter (GNWT Infrastructure), Chris Clarke (GNWT Health), and Avalanche Kid (Joel Maillet, Snowking Winter Festival).

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