Council & Committees


2019/2020 Council

President Melani Korver
Vice-President Rebecca Denley
Secretary Catherine McNaughton
Treasurer Doug Townson
Councillor Tim Turner-Davis
Registrar Celeste MacKay
Minister's Representative Cheryl Fennell
Intern Architect Representative Sepideh Sohrabi
Past President vacant

Council meets the second Tuesday of every month.  Members wishing to include items on the agenda should forward them to the NWTAA office at least one week prior to each meeting.

Election to Council

Each year, the Association is required to elect a President, serving a 1-year term, and two Councillors, each serving a 2-year term.  Elections start 45 days, and end 5 days, before an Annual General Meeting.  Nominations are accepted no later than the required start of an election, and calls for nominations are typically sent to all members 30 days in advance of the deadline.

Committee Chairs

Registration & Licence Review Celeste MacKay
Complaint Review Jerry Jaud
Practice Review as required
Continuing Education Chris Clarke
Legislation Policy vacant