Conference 2018


Northern Building Sciences Conference

August 29-30, 2018
Chateau Nova - Yellowknife, NT

The Northwest Territories Association of Architects welcomes special guest Alex McGowan, WSP Global Inc. (Victoria, BC), to present on variety of Building Sciences topics, including:

  • Relationship between Moisture Content and Mechanical Properties of Gypsum Sheathing
  • Psychrometries- wet-bulb, dry-bulb, dewpoint, and the difference between humidity and relative humidity
  • Passive Ventilation
  • The Building Enclosure and Its Impacts on Occupant Comfort
  • Energy efficiency and the building enclosure
  • Heat, Air, and Moisture Migration in Building Enclosures, and Air Leakage, Envelopes, and Blower-Door Tests
  • Field Review in Rehabilitation of Moisture-Damaged Buildings
  • Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Retrofits
  • Computer simulation of window performance
  • A Comparison of Calculated and Measured Indoor-Side Window Temperature Profiles, and How to get the window performance you want on site
  • Glass, Glazing and Window Energy Performance
  • Testing and Computer Simulation of Heat Loss Characteristics of Commercial Door Assemblies, Calculating R's and U's
  • Whole-Building Energy Models, and Case Study: Computer-Assisted Design to Avoid Condensation
  • Forensic Investigation using whole-building energy model
  • Obviously Everything Changes: Learning from our Mistakes

This two-day event will also feature Matt Girling, Soprema (Calgary); Manuel Jorge, Energy Wall & Building Products Ltd. (Yellowknife); Tomaz Stich, Certified Passive House Designer (Invermere, BC); Joe Kronstal, Kronstal & Associates (Yellowknife); Drew Cameron, Solvest Inc. (Whitehorse); and William Gagnon, Ecology North (Yellowknife).  Additional topics include:

  • Passive Housing
  • Micro-manufacturing
  • Hydroponic Greenhouses in the Yukon
  • Self-Sustaining Communities / Clusterhouses
  • The Smart Cities Challenge

Registration includes lunch and snacks.

Register before August 4 for the early bird fee of $90.
General registration fee is $150.


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